Ashley has had the honor of not only speaking for her own audience + hosting one of the original telesummits, Rocking Confidence (a month long of awesome interviews) but Ashley has also spoken for other entrepreneurs + awesome groups like CRAVE NYC.

For more of Ashley speaking, listen in to her daily podcast, Real Talk with Ashley.

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Topics Include But Not Limited To:

  1. Embracing Failure as A Lesson and Not the End Why failure is key to growth and how to be able to see every failure as not just a lesson but as a blessing. How to not let failures stop you from trying.
  2. Energy, Intuition, Empathy The true power of these three things. Energy can be felt in everything. Intuition and going with that gut feeling is crucial. Reading the energy of everything will not only help you out as a person but it will help your entire life, your relationships, your business and beyond.
  3. Ditching the Comparison Trap How to break away from the constant social media comparison game that so many people get stuck into and then not only lost a ton of time but lost in their own confidence.
  4. Authentic Personal Branding: Heart-Centered Leadership, Marketing, and Engagement People want to get to know the person behind the social Klout, the money, the filters. How we can really show up raw, real and vulnerable to connect even deeper with the world. People need to feel the heartbeat and people connect to the vulnerability more than the polished “perfect” social media, video, marketing, etc. There is power in being your whole self and leading with heart.
  5. Success Can’t Be Microwaved Using an analogy of a microwave and oven to convey how success, your big purpose can’t happen overnight. Your business can not be zapped into a quick aha of instant success. Your purpose, your passion, your success is not something that can be found in a few tries, a few books or a few months. It’s not going to be cooked up in an easy peasy sixty seconds in a microwave nor will it be done in sixty minutes in the oven.
  6. Put Down The Vision Board It is crucial to put down the fucking vision boards and the dreams that you conjure up and start actually living and loving right now. Start making moves, shifts, cuts, edits, actions to actually truly immerse and be truly fucking happy right now not the future or the maybe someday that will happen. You are wasting seconds, minutes, hours and days by just continuing to add to your vision boards, to give your wishes dreams hopes and desires to (insert your higher power here), to sit on your meditation pillows and let the higher self-visions and dreams dance around you.


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